Impact workshop

Essentially, impact is the provable difference research makes in the real world. Pathways to impact can be as vast and varied as the areas in which impact occurring from research can have a change, benefit, or effect in society and the economy. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to impact, but instead enables researchers from different disciplines and specialisms to engage with discussions of impact over different time scales – it some instances impact occurs quickly, and in others occurs over longer periods of time. In all contexts, impact reflects the effective mobilisation of research into the non-academic world.

This session will cover a broad introduction to impact including an overview of the different areas in which impact can occur from research. In addition, the session will highlight the importance of planning for impact and will share tips, advice, and resources that can be used to think through and map out impact plans and ambitions.

Dr Grace Harvey is the Impact Development Officer at NTU Psychology. Before joining the psychology department, Grace worked in the Centre for Student and Community Engagement at NTU and has a long standing commitment to ensuring that research has demonstrable effects on society outside of Higher Education. She was awarded her PhD in 2019 and has published research on late-eighteenth century ideas of family and friendship.

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