APE network Psychology & Neuroscience special edition

The Dark Empath – dark traits in the presence of empathy

Empathy at the Heart of Darkness – Relational aggression in the DT

The Dark Shadow of Self – Empathy and Attachment in the DT

Covid-19 prevention behaviour in primary and vulnerable dark traits

Conceptualisation of Successful Psychopathy [Systematic Review]

Development of the Successful Psychopathy Scale [Protocol]

Don’t slap the fish: Omega-3s and Aggression

Cascade of Chaos: From Early Adversity to Interpersonal Aggression

The Conversation: ’Dark empaths’ – how dangerous are psychopaths and narcissists with empathy?

The Conversation: 5 things you didn’t know about Psychopathy

Mental Health Act reforms impact on PD services (invited opinion piece)

Neurobiology of temperament, personality and psychopathology: what’s next? (special Issue)

Gut microbiome-brain axis and inflammation in temperament, personality and psychopathology

Brain-gut-microbiome axis in depression

Neural Correlates of RST – sytematic review of the fMRI literature

Frontiers Editorial: The Use of Virtual-Reality Interventions in Reducing Anxiety

Self-guided VRET for Public Speaking Anxiety

VR system and media driven immersive capabilities

The power of touch: Effects of Havening

Exploring the Dark Matter of social interaction

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